HorseWorld invites entries to first ever virtual horse show

We are encouraging equine lovers to come together in celebration of their favourite horse and donkey companions through a virtual horse show.

The show is offering a wide range of silly and sensible categories, giving horses, ponies and donkeys of all sizes the opportunity for victory. For example, there are opportunities for the ‘Funniest Face’, those with ‘Best Big Hair’, a glorious ‘Golden Oldie’, as well as ‘Best Equine Teacher’.

As well as the opportunity to win prizes donated by NAF and EQU StreamZ, some categories will be judged by famous faces, who we will be revealing over the coming days.

Stephen Poole, Director of Fundraising and Communications here at HorseWorld said; “We all need reasons to be cheerful and celebrating our equine friends seems to be a wonderful one.

“For many of us the relationships we have with horses whether they’re our own, ones we’ve known in the past or just ones who hold a special place in our hearts, are a lifeline.

“In these times when life is particularly challenging, we wanted to give supporters an opportunity to champion their favourite equine chums and remember just how lucky we are to have these wonderful animals in our lives.

We have been forced to get creative in finding imaginative ways to not only generate essential income lost from the cancellation of fundraising events, but also help our supporters to keep connected with the charity.

With major fundraising events cancelled and any other public fundraising activity postponed for the foreseeable future, we have lost a significant proportion of vital income,” said Stephen.

We appreciate there’s a lot of financial uncertainty at the moment, so entry into the horse show is free. However, our teams are working tirelessly to provide the essential care required by our large herd of rescued horses, ponies and donkeys. Consequently we are asking that those who are able donate just £2.50 for each category they enter.”

Anyone not able to be with their equine friend due to lockdown restrictions can still enter, as photographs do not need to have been taken recently.

“We encourage everyone to stay home and stay safe, so this is the perfect opportunity for people to delve into their photo albums, find their favourites and send in their entries,” said Stephen. “The show really is all about having fun, but there are some great prizes on offer, thanks to our friends and corporate supporters.”

The show has been made possible thanks to a number of generous supporters and sponsors including equine nutrition specialists NAF, advertising agency Hello Starling, charity website experts Tickbox, magnetic therapy inventors and manufacturers EQU StreamZ, and Wards Solicitors.

Closing date for entries is Sunday 3rd May. More information about the horse show can be found at

Posted on: 20th April 2020