Horse rescue charity's hospital facilities in urgent need of refurbishment

The Isolation Unit is the first port of call for rescued horses to be quarantined and receive potentially life-saving treatment on arrival at the charity. It is vital in nursing sick and injured horses back to health.

The unit was built 16 years ago, and rubber mats were fitted but almost two decades of wear and tear nursing sick horses back to health has taken its toll.

Despite taking as much care as possible over the years, the mats are now badly worn. The resulting cracks and gaps mean the laborious and time-consuming task of lifting and disinfecting them must be done regularly as waste from the horses collects underneath. This takes time away from caring for the rescued horses.

"Rubber matting is more important than ever in the Isolation unit as some horses are unable to stand at the time of their rescue." Said HorseWorld’s Fundraising Officer, Amy Williams. "The rubber mats provide warmth and help to prevent sores on a horse that is spending most of its time lying down.

“Rescued horses often arrive in poor conditions with low immune systems. They need an environment as clean and hygienic as possible. Some horses will have foot conditions, injuries or neurological problems causing instability which may mean they could fall. Some are too weak to stand at all. The rubber matting is essential for horses like these.

“The current mats have reached a point where they could be hazardous to both horses and staff. If we are unable to purchase and install new safer flooring, within a year we would be looking at removing the mats completely and the horses having to stand and lie on concrete floors.

“We have launched an urgent appeal to purchase cushioned rubber flooring that is expertly fitted to each of the three stables and barn, attached to the floor with resin adhesive and sealed all round. All perimeters and doorways would be sealed similarly with heavy duty doorway strips fixed down. We have trialled this system in our veterinary area and it has proved a great success.

“During the Covid-19 health crisis, we find that donations have greatly reduced and we've lost all the income from our Open Days. We still however have our horses to care for and seek support to help us cover this essential element of their welfare costs. This flooring project is currently one of our most urgent and we need to raise £5,300 which will make a huge difference to newly admitted horses, ponies and donkeys who are at a time when their life hangs in the balance. Our hospital facilities mean the difference between life and death.”

To find out more and support HorseWorld's urgent appeal, please visit or call 01275 832425.

Article by: Amy Williams

Posted on: 18th May 2020