Adopt Me: A Non-ridden Companion

Non-Ridden companions

HorseWorld have a number of lovely non-ridden companion horses and ponies looking for homes.

From ex-racehorses to fluffy shetlands and pretty much everything inbetween if you are looking for a companion we will likely be able to find the right horse for you.

Please note that all of our companion animals are completely NON-RIDDEN retired horses due to either physical or behavioural reasons and are not suited to light lead-rein or light hack or any mounted work.

If approved by HorseWorld some may however be able to undertake in-hand work or exercise such as ride and lead or lunge work to assist with weight control or for the loaner's enjoyment.

When it comes to re-homing all of our horses we like to try and match like with like so that they can enjoy the company of another equine at all times and not have to be kept seperate from their friends i.e. during times of lush grass growth. So that means good-doers needing restriction will be placed with others watching their waistlines and grass munching light-weights placed with those of similar feeding requirements (so no Shetlands with Thoroughbreds!!)

If you are interested in giving one of these special horses or ponies a loving home then please click on the apply button and we will get back to you when your application is received.