Adopt Me: Alice

Alice was rescued in 2007 with a foal at foot. It was clear that she had never been handled and was very mistrustful of people. She has a lovely temperament and has never tried to bite or kick despite her deep fear of humans, but her rehabilitation has been slow due how anxious she can be.

She has spent several years happily living in a mixed herd of ponies and although still very nervous she has been good to receive basic care such as hoof trimming.

Over this past summer Alice has made huge progress and is now happy to be caught in the field and led up onto the yard for some attention and handling. She does still have a long way to go and would make a very rewarding 'project' for the right person. Alice needs somebody with the time and resources to continue building her confidence, somebody who likes spending time with their pony and creating a bond.

Alice really does deserve to find that special forever home.