Arr: 27.07.19
Colour: Skewbald
Breed: Trotter
Sex: Mare

Athena was rescued in July 2019, after being illegally grazed on council land. She came in with her foal at foot, Apollo and another mare and foal, Epona and Calypso. She came to HorseWorld malnourished and in poor condition, which did not help with her having to regularly feed her foal.

Blood tests on arrival determined that Athena had some damage to her liver which required daily treatment. She also needed a course of eye drops and pain killers to clear up an ulcer in her eye. After a couple of months, Athena was still not putting on the weight that we expected her to. Her foaled was subsequently weaned so that he wasn’t taking all the nutrition that she was getting from her grass and feed. Since then, she has gradually put on weight and is looking a lot better.

Since being here Athena has proven to have a very sweet and loving nature. We are very hopeful she will make a full recovery and go on to live a long and healthy life.