Rehome Me: Davina

Davina came to HorseWorld in 2001 through the RSPCA. On arrival she was underweight, had overgrown feet and she had a fracture to her cheek bone which required surgery. She went on to make a great recovery, however, during rehabilitation Davina was found to have physical problems as a results of being raced in harness at a very young age. This meant that Davina was unable to be ridden - she was retired and went on to be rehomed as a happy, sound, companion pony.

Davina has been rehomed a few times but has unfortunately always returned to HorseWorld, through no fault of her own. We are hoping to find her a forever home soon.

Davina is a very friendly pony and can live with both mares and geldings. She is good to handle in most situations but can occasionally get strong when being led; usually she is just trying to get back to her field or the nearest grass! Davina has suffered with laminitis so requires restricted grazing. She lives on a track system in the summer at HorseWorld - we would love to find her a home with a similar set up, to keep her happy and healthy.