Rehome Me: Destiny

Destiny was born at HorseWorld in 2013 after her mother, Stardust, was brought in as one of a group of ponies that had been abandoned. Once she was weaned Destiny was turned out with a herd of other young ponies to mature and start her basic handling. She has always been quite dramatic and full of personality so has taken a while to settle into a routine of being brought in and handled.

Destiny has now mastered the basics and is happy to come onto the yard for short periods of time if she has equine companionship. She can be groomed, have her feet trimmed and is good for the vet however, she does not enjoy being stabled very much and so is only able to spend a few hours in at a time, although this is something that could be increased with training. Destiny gets on well with other horses and can live out year-round in a mixed herd. However, due to breed, she does need restricted grazing in the spring/summer months. She does have mild sweet itch and so requires a fly rug during midge season but she is good to have creams administered.

Destiny is looking for an experienced, confident loaner who will continue her education and help her mature. She is available as a non-ridden companion or as a project pony for ridden work, however, this would be subject to the experience and ability of the loaner.