Rehome Me: Merlyn

Merlyn came to HorseWorld as a seven year old, as his previous owner could no longer care for him due to ill health. He had originally been bought at an auction as a frightened 6 month old.

Merlyn's previous owner spent time getting him used to being handled and loved by people, but he still had trust issues when he arrived at HorseWorld. He was too sharp to consider rehabilitating as a childs riding pony, so went on to be rehomed as a non-ridden companion. He spent several happy years on a couple of different loan homes, but unfortunately returned to HorseWorld though no fault of his own.

Merlyn is now older and a lot calmer around people, though can still be wary of new people and new things. He can still be tricky to catch, but this becomes much less of a problem once he gets to know his handler. He cannot live with mares and doesn't cope well in big herds. He gets on a lot better being with just one other gelding. He can live out year round without rugs or feed, but will require restricted grazing during times of grass growth. Merlyn also suffers with equine asthma so cannot have dry hay.