Adopt Me: Alfie

Alfie came to HorseWorld in 2004 as his owner was moving to France. He had had a very difficult past and his owner suspected that he had been beaten and badly treated before she bought him. He was very nervous of people on arrival and needed extensive rehabilitation to increase his confidence being handled. After consistent training Alfie was able to be caught, groomed, etc and even got to the point of wearing a saddle. However, it was decided that he was still too anxious to be safe as a ridden pony and so he was re-homed as a non-ridden companion.

Alfie recently returned to HorseWorld through no fault of his own and is now looking for a new home as a companion. Alfie is a very sweet pony who gets on well with others but is also happy to be left for short periods of time and so could make a good companion to a ridden horse. He has been diagnosed with Cushings but is not currently on any medication, his condition is controlled through close monitoring of his diet and ensuring he only has access to restricted grazing.