Break the Chain

If Local Authorities enforced current legislation then we could end the suffering of thousands of equines at risk of neglect and abuse.

The Animal Welfare Act sets out a discretionary power for national and local authorities to appoint Inspectors.

Did you know that the majority of Local Authorities have no Animal Welfare Inspectors?

This means that thousands of horses, like Catena who is featured with her foal in the video above, are left until they are suffering terrible pain and distress before they can be rescued.

Catena had to go through the pain and discomfort of giving birth whilst being restrained by a chain which prevented her from moving around freely and frequently entangled her legs. She was also left without shelter or water for long periods of time and was accompanied in the field by a stallion who had tried to attack her foal. She was restrained from protecting her own baby and was very distressed.

Catena and Salisbury were seized under the animal welfare act and brought back to HorseWorld where we could begin their rehabilitation. Catena means 'chain' in latin and Salisbury was named after the location they were found.

Catena had clearly been neglected for some time. Her hooves were very overgrown and split. Her hind feet had shoes on and her front feet still had clenches (nails) in where the shoes had been pulled off as the hooves grew.

If the Animal Welfare Act and current DEFRA codes of Practice were enforced consistently, by correctly trained Local Authority appointed Inspectors, then Catena could have been rescued long before she had to endure such suffering.

The Act states that all Animals should have the freedom to express natural behaviour, long-term tethering does not allow this and yet this part of the law is rarely, if ever, enforced.

It is not only tethered horses that are suffering as a result of the Animal Welfare Act not being enforced. Horses found running loose on the road are often caught by the police but have nowhere to go. With many local authorities not taking responsibility for them and the Police having many other urgent matters to deal with, the already-overstretched rescue charities are being called upon to pick up the pieces.

We believe it should be a mandatory duty for all Local Authorities to enforce the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and Codes of Practice by employing a fully trained Animal Welfare Inspector and protect thousands of equines from suffering the way Catena did.

We need your help to #BreakTheChain.

Together we can change this.

Your donations will help to fund the campaign to make sure the Animal Welfare Act is enforced all across the country and that horses no longer slip through the gaps in the system.

It will also help us to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome horses that have been treated inhumanely.

Thank you for donating. If you haven't already, you might like to add your voice to the campaign by visiting and sending the pre-written email to your MP (which the website will select for you based on your postcode) and helping end cruelty like this for good.
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I hate to see horses Tethered up.They should be free to roam and run around. It is the worst Existence ever. Why have these horse to tie up so they walk in circles all day.There should be a law to stop people doing this. Poor horse most don’t even have water.

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