Lolly's operation

Lolly is a 5-year-old, 17.2hh Shire horse who came to HorseWorld as part of a big rescue operation involving 27 Shire horses, 19 of which needed to be removed by welfare charities. She was part of the same group as Dime who you may have read about in Dime’s Story (

Lolly has a problem. One of her molar teeth is coming through twisted. Even in the short space of time this has been happening it has created a gap which becomes packed with food and is causing infection. The vet has temporarily plugged the gap with putty but the tooth needs extracting.

As she’s young and so big, Lolly will have to go to the veterinary clinic to have this carried out. Due to her enormous size (which could cause complications with the anaesthetic) and as the tooth is young, it will have a big root so it will likely be around £3,000 for her to have this operation in the safety of the equine hospital.

With over 100 rescued horses on site, you can imagine our vet bills are pretty huge anyway. This is on top of all the day-to-day care, feed, treatments, equipment etc and all of the outgoings that are associated to running a busy rescue centre which total £1.2 million every year.

Any additional funds raised from this appeal will go towards the rescue, care and rehabilitation of the other horses on site (we have just over 100). Many of the horses that are being nursed back to health are part of ongoing prosecution cases that we can't legally show you until the court case has gone through. This makes it impossible to fund raise for them so when an appeal like this raises above and beyond it's target, it gives us the funds to pay the vet bills etc for them too.

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Our generous supporters responded and Lolly has now had her surgery!


Lolly is back at HorseWorld after an overnight stay at the vets. The procedure went well and she is now in a field close to the main stable yard to recover and have her daily pain relief.

Lolly will need another visit from the vet soon to remove an implant that was fitted in the gap to stop food infecting the wound during the first stages of healing.

The vet will then need to see her in 6 months to check it is all healing as it should be and that there isn't any food or infection in the resulting gap the missing tooth has left.

Now that the tooth has come out, she will need more frequent checks for the rest of her life as the opposite tooth has nothing to grind against so needs frequent rasps (horses teeth continually erupt and are worn down so need to be rasped where they don't meet other teeth). Pictured above is Lolly's tooth with it's huge root.

Lolly was extremely well behaved throughout the whole process. She loaded into the lorry without a fuss, was calm travelling and was very good for the vets and nurses. What a super-sized superstar she is!

Thank you again. Any excess funds raised from Lolly's appeal will go towards the care and rehabilitation of over 100 rescued horses on site.

(Below: Lolly loading up to go to the vets)

£5020 raised towards our target of £3,000

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Carol Ford11 months ago

A small donation to try to help.

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Lynnette Crosskey 11 months ago

I have been intending to donate to Horse World for a while and would like to help out when I can, particularly in these difficult times

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hattie fower11 months ago

the amazing work and lives of horses you save if it wasnt for you princess wouldn't of been rescued and I wouldn't have my lovely wonderful prince today

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christine cox11 months ago

Because you do an amazing job ❤️ and I used to have a wonderful part Shire.

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Kevin Parkinson11 months ago

I want to help as this is such a good cause and I love horses.

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