Safe Spaces Appeal

As a lover of horses, it’s difficult to imagine the condition of many of the horses we rescue. Whether through neglect, ignorance or cruelty, they are often scared, hungry, and in pain. We do everything we can to ease their suffering as soon as they arrive.

But their recovery is so much more than just their rescue.

After their immediate veterinary and welfare needs are addressed, they’re given time to settle in. Over the subsequent days and weeks they begin to learn that food and water is plentiful; that they can rest and recuperate; and that humans can be trusted.

For many rescued horses, being at HorseWorld will be the first time they have felt safe in a very long time. We need your help to make sure that doesn’t change.

Over 100 horses and donkeys are currently relying on us for their daily care. Due to the neglect they’ve experienced in the past, many have ongoing health issues which require careful management to ensure they don’t get worse. The day-to-day care of so many equines has inevitably taken its toll on our facilities and some are no longer fit for purpose.

We’re asking you to contribute to our Safe Spaces Appeal today and make a real difference to the recovery and recuperation of a rescued horse or donkey.

Our stables are used for emergency treatments and ongoing care of horses and donkeys with complex needs, but in their present condition it's very difficult to make them as safe and comfortable as the animals need them to be.

Horses with respiratory problems need their stable to be as dust-free as possible. Lame animals need a supportive surface to stand on to help relieve their discomfort whilst they recover. Very sick horses need to be able to lie down comfortably. Weak horses need robust flooring under their straw or shavings bedding so that if they fall they’re less likely to hurt themselves.

With your support we can begin the first stage of making our stables the Safe Spaces our horses desperately need, with the installation of new rubber flooring.

It’s a comparatively simple solution, but one that will make a huge difference to the lives of our recovering horses and donkeys. Your generosity will mean our stables can be the Safe Spaces our horses need for over twenty years and your kindness will be felt by the hundreds more rescued horses and donkeys who will pass through our doors over the next two decades.

From us and from them – thank you

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Chris Jones4 months ago